Things I said that mattered today

Things I said that mattered today:
– to the girl who cried because she missed her baby brother: “It’s okay to miss people sometimes- we have to miss them to know that the time we do spend with them is special. Think of how excited you will be when you do finally get to see him. You could only ever miss him this much because you love him so much.”
– To the friends of the girl who didn’t want to talk about why she was crying: “It’s okay if she doesn’t want to talk about how she feels right now. Sometimes we don’t always know how to explain how we feel and why. It’s okay if she needs space- she’ll talk when she is ready to talk about it.”
– To the whole class, on “bad guys” immediately following a visit from a local cop who came to talk to them about his profession: “I want you guys to know that no one is ever all bad. Just because someone gets in trouble, especially with the police, does not make them a bad guy. Sometimes people don’t make the right choices, or they are unfairly punished, or both. And this doesn’t make them “bad guys”- just like how when you guys get in trouble, it does not make you bad kids, nor have ever thought about any of you as bad kids”
– To the boy who didn’t know how to put back a puzzle he took out and scattered across the floor: “this is called an edge piece. They outline the whole picture. Pieces with two edges are called corner pieces. There are always four corner pieces. The first step to putting together any puzzle is always gathering and connecting the edge pieces to form the outline”
– To the boy that tripped and fell over the carpet and scraped his knee: “it’s okay to cry sometimes when we hurt. I know how you feel, sometimes, I cry too.”


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